MailPace: Simple Transactional Emails for your app, website or service

Why MailPace

The goal of MailPace is to provide you with a fast and easy way to send Transactional Emails, using our modern, easy to use dashboard, simple API and easy to integrate application libraries.

You can send email with a single HTTPS API call, pull in a library from our supported integrations or even use SMTP. We focus on getting users setup quickly and out of the way so you can focus on building your application or service.

Screenshot of transactional email provider dashboard MailPace

Getting Started

When you first sign up for MailPace, we'll take you through our simple four-step onboarding process:

Sending your first email

Once inside MailPace, we include examples in multiple code languages, such as Ruby, Python, Go, PHP, and even include examples for sending direct from the command line using Curl

And we have a full step by step guide for sending your first email in our comprehensive documentation

Tracking your emails

Emails sometimes hard or soft-bounce, and some can even be marked as Spam by our outgoing spam filter. We provide an easy to use dashboard to see a summary of your sent emails. You can search for individual emails, see their status and drill down on them. We store 30-days of email history

Screenshot of transactional email provider dashboard MailPace

Tagging emails

If you want to track a particular type of email (for example, password reset emails or account notifications), just include a tag in your API request or add a tag SMTP header.

Your tags will show up as a dropdown on the dashboard, and the chart and totals will update when a tag is selected. There's no need to define your tags in advance, just include them in your emails and we'll automatically add them to the list

As you can see, sending emails with MailPace is the easiest way to send transactional emails from your application, website or service. It's simple, fast and straightforward, sign up and get sending today.

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